Paramparaa – The Tradition Continues…

Acharya Day 2021 – Sep 4 & 5, 2021

Sri Ahobila Muth USA is pleased to invite you and your family to the 2021 Annual Acharya Day Utsavam.

2021 Acharya Day Utsavam is a two-day event to celebrate and express gratitude to the great Sri Vaishanava acharyas who form the unbroken lineage all the way to our first Acharya, Sri Lakshmi Narayana.

During this event, we will celebrate Vedu Pari Utsavam (See below) between PerumAl (Sri Narayana) and Thirumangai Alwar on Saturday and Rasa Leela on Sunday. On both days, we will have PerumAl purappadu (procession) on various divya vaahanams such as Garuda and Sesha.

In addition, children from all over Texas will be performing various cultural events.

Please do not miss this unique opportunity to enjoy the utsavams and socialize.

Septembere 4th Schedule

Morning : Suprabhata Seva , Seshavahanam

Afternoon: Cultural Events,

Evening: Vedupari

Septembere 5th Schedule

Morning : Suprabhata Seva , Garudavahanam

Afternoon: Cultural Events

Evening: Rasaleela

Venue: Sri Krishna Vrundavana Temple
10223 Synott Rd
Sugar Land
TX 77498

Ph: 713-589-9183

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