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                                Continuation from second part

When he explained the happenings to the priests, they were surprised and attempted to open the door. When the doors were opened easily, Ananthalwan got surprised and rushed into the Garbhalaya (Sanctum Sanctorum) in search of the boy by brushing aside the priests. But, despite his best efforts, he could not trace the boy. To their utter dismay, the priests noticed blood oozing out from the chin of the illuminating idol of Lord Venkateswara.

 It did not take much time for Ananthalwan to realise that he had made a big blunder.  At last the realisation had dawned on him that the boy who came to assist him was none other than Lord Venkateswara. He burst into tears and said, “I have done a big sin. I have hurt my Lord. There should be no mercy for my sin. I have come here to arrange flowers or his worship. But what has been done”. When the priests tried to console him, it became futile. Realising his pathetic plight, the kind hearted Lord spoke to him, “Dear Ananthalwan, do not worry about it. It is part of my Leela (divine game). Today, I have experienced the anger of my devotee. I want to disclose the great relationship between god and his devotee to the world through this incident.” before adding that Ananthalwan should apply the amalgam made of sandal and camphor on his head. The Almighty assured him that the injury will be healed soon with a reminder that Ananthalwan must   apply it every day, even after the injury gets healed.

The Lord also made it known that his devotees who come to worship him, must witness his Namam initially (tilak on forehead) and subsequently their attention would be focused on camphor balm on his chin. In that respect, the devotees would be aware of their mystical bond with the Lord. Fair enough! The Almighty also said that the devotees, who utter his name, must make it a point of mentioning the name of Ananthalwan, too. On hearing the dictum of Lord, Ananthalwan was excited and fetched the mixture of sandal and campor balm before applying it at the wound on Lord’s chin.

Even now, Lord Malayappa Swamy along with his   wives, Sridevi and Bhoodevi, visit the flower garden developed by Ananthalwan twice in a year. The silk clothes used by Lord Srinivasa are given to Ananthalwan with his blessings by duly observing all the temple etiquettes. Ananthalwan was pleasantly surprised and felt blessed. Even today the devotees can see Ananthalwan’s crowbar when we enter the temple, hanging on the right side at Mahadwara. Even after 950 years, the crowbar never catches rust. Yellow camphor is applied to Lord’s chin even to this day during the rituals. Devotees are requested to see the crowbar and trees of yellow camphor on the Lord’s chin or else their holy visit to Tirumala will be treated as incomplete.

On the west of Ananda Nilayam, Ananthalwan constructed a pushkarini (water pond) and named it as “Sri Ramanuja Pushkarini”. Later, Ananthalwan levelled almost 12 to 15 acres of land and built many ponds here and there for providing water for the flower gardens. The water tank near the ATC cottage (Ananthalwan tank) was also constructed by Ananthalwan only. This pond has never dried up so far during extreme summers, too. As part of cleaning the pond, the entire water will be depleted, but by the next day, the devotees can see the pond full of water. (The author submits that he has witnessed this divine wonder.)

Ananthalwan himself fetched and planted so many varieties of flower plants in the garden. He was also blessed with a son, named as ‘Ramanujacharya’. He, too, developed a pushkarini near Ananda Nilayam and spent all his life in the services of Lord Venkateswara by offering flowers. Ananthalwan used to spend in the garden from dawn to dusk and   treated it as his world. It was full of mellifluous chirpings of birds and euphonious buzzing sounds of Dragonflies and honey bees. The garden was fully grown up with splendid blooms and dreaming buds which would await their turn to offer themselves at Swami’s ‘Pushpa Kainkarya Seva’.

Every day, Ananthalwan used to collect the flowers from the garden and prepared garlands for his worship. He also used to decorate the garlands to Lord Venkateswara and his wives Sridevi and Bhoodevi. Obviously, Lord Srinivasa rejoiced over his devotion with dedication. Once, the lord wanted to test his devotion. One day Ananthalwan was deeply involved in preparing garlands with those flowers he had collected from the garden. A sevak came and conveyed to him the Lord’s message. It was stated that his presence was immediately needed at Ananda Nilayam.

(will Continue in Part 4)

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