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Gadya Trayam Recordings

Gadya Trayam i.e Saranagati Gadyam, Sri Vaikuntha Gadyam and Sriranga Gadyam are the devotional outpourings of Swami Ramanuja on the day of Panguni Uttharam in front of Namperumal, the Lord of Srirangam. They hold much importance in our Sampradayam as they contain esoteric meanings i.e. Rahasya Trayam.. Sri U.Ve Dr Chakravarty Ranganathan Swami is a renowned Scholar ever in the service of Lord Venkateswara in Tirumala-Tirupati. He holds various positions such as Professor of Sahitya, Director of Distance education etc at Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, Tirupati. He is also a well known upanyasaka, delivering Pravachanams at SVBC and also across India.

Swami is currently teaching Gadya Trayam along with the commentary in Telugu and Tamil. Please find the recordings of the Gadya Trayam Classes in the following link.

Sri Ranga Gadyam 1:

Sri Ranga Gadyam 2 :

Sri Ranga Gadyam 3:

Saranagati Gadyam 1

Saranagati Gadyam 2

Saranagati Gadyam 3:

Saranagati Gadyam 4:

Saranagati Gadyam 5:

Saranagati Gadyam 7:

Saranagati Gadyam 8 :

Saranagati Gadyam 9 :

Saranagati Gadyam 10:

Saranagati Gadyam 11:

Vaikunta Gadyam 1:

Vaikunta Gadyam 2:

Vaikunta Gadyam 3:

Vaikunta Gadyam 4:

Vaikunta Gadyam 5:

Vaikunta Gadyam 6:

Vaikunta Gadyam 7:

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