Paramparaa – The Tradition Continues…

How to deal with Guru..’Apastamba Rishi said..!

1 Do not stretch your feet in front of the Guru.

2 If Guru walks, walk behind him.

3 If the guru runs, he should continue to run

4 When meeting the Guru, one should not wear sandals or a turban.

5 But if one happens to meet the Guru while traveling or at work, there is no mistake.

6 Do not sit too close to the Guru

7 When approaching the guru, one should approach the deity. Useless talks and stories should never be talked about. Listen carefully and politely to what they have to say.

8 Do not sit with one leg crossed in front of the Guru.

9 Let not the wind fall upon us and then fall upon him. Immediately move away from that place and sit somewhere else.

  1. While sitting in front of the Guru, one should not rest his hands.

11 Do not lean on anything while sitting in front of the Guru.

12 The Guru’s face should be seen. But, at the same time, it should not be in front of the Guru’s face.

13 Do not sit too close or too far from the Guru.
The Guru should sit at a distance from the caller with raised hand.

14 If there are many people in front of the Guru, they can sit at their convenience.

15: Guru should not sit while standing.
When the guru has no place to sit, he should not sit even if he has a place.

16 When the Guru tends to do something, he can help as much as he can, depending on the disciple’s permission.

17 When the Guru is present, one should not fall at the feet of anyone under him (even elders, even fathers).

18 One should not talk about one’s tribal pride in front of the Guru.

19 He should not meet a guru who is inferior to him other than his guru, nor should he elevate them to be equal to his guru.
Even if the Guru’s Guru comes. This is an insult to his Guru. If necessary, you can quietly move away from the place. Or, one can pay respect to one’s Guru.

20 Do not yawn with your mouth open.
Even if that happens, bend down and cover your mouth with your hand

  1. Do not brag about what you have given to the Guru.
    It is better to forget what was done to the Guru.

22: Do not sit on the asana where the Guru sits

23 Do not go and talk to him about anything except good things without being called by the Guru

24 After receiving instruction from the Guru, even if he returns home, he should follow his manners till his last breath.

25 If the Guru is in the same town, he should visit him morning and evening without calling.

26 If the Guru is in another town, he should visit him as often as possible.
He should give him at least one neem to brush his teeth with his own hand.

Praise the Guru!
Guru’s verse!
Guru is the companion.

R. Murali Bhagavatar

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