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Mouth-watering Dosas

South India has many dishes which are liked all over the world. Dosa is one among them.

Though dosa typically refers to the version made with rice and lentils, many other versions exist, often specific to an Indian region. Some variations include cheese dosa, which is stuffed with cheese.

Quinoa dosa: A dosa made with quinoa.

Moong dal dosa: A dosa made with moon dal.

Chilli dosa: Dosa spread with chilli powder

Davanagere Benne Dosa or Butter Dosa is a dish originated in Karnataka. It is widely prepared across South India and became very popular in countries like Singapore and United States of America. It has also found its distinct place in the cuisine of the Indian diaspora abroad. There are many restaurants in Singapore and USA that serve this specialty dish of Davangere. Today, Benne Dose is almost synonymous with the city of Davangere. Butter is used instead of oil when frying, and a small amount is placed on top of it while serving.

Open dosa: Chutney powder is spread on it while cooking, before serving, spiced and mashed potato is placed on top.

Onion dosa: spread with chopped and sautéed onions.

Ghee (thuppa/nei) dosa: ghee is used instead of oil while frying.

Roast: the dosa is spread thinly and fried until crisp.

Kerala dosa: a different kind of traditional dosa, it is small, thick, soft and spongy. It is more like a pancake and somewhat similar to appam, but dal is used in the batter for appam, and the appam is not flat.

Family roast: a long dosa which can be spread over two or three feet

Paper dosa: a long and very thin, delicate dosa which can be spread over two feet

Green dosa: stuffed with fresh vegetables and mint chutney.

Thalirdosa: made of Maida and is very soft and delicate, eaten with sugar.

Chow-chow dosa: stuffed with (Indian flavoured) Chinese noodles

Masala dosa: stuffed with spiced potatoes, invented by Udupi hotels

Methidosa: flavoured with fenugreek

Cone dosa: shaped like a cone

Ravadosa: made with rava (semolina), it does not need fermentation and is usually considered a snack or fast food.

Wheat dosa: made with wheat flour, and served with coconut chutney

Vella dosa: made of jaggery with ghee or nei

Ragi Dosa: made of ragi or millet flour

Uthappam: thick round dosa in South India

Set dosa: a popular type of dosa in Karnataka, it is cooked only on one side and served in a set of two to three, hence the name.

Cabbage dosa: made of cabbage, a paste is prepared with rice, red chillies, asafoetida and turmeric. Once the batter is ready, cabbage cut into small pieces is added to the paste and left for about 30 mins. Once this is done, the batter is poured and the dosa is made crisp

Neerdosa (Kannada): It literally means Water dosa. It is a very famous delicacy from Karnataka. It is part of Udupi cuisine. Rice is soaked in water for 3 to 4 hours. It is then ground to make a runny rice batter. Most types of dosas require the batter to be fermented for a few hours or even a day. However, fermentation can be skipped while preparing a neerdosa. Salt is added. A thin layer of batter is poured onto a heated flat griddle (tawa) greased with oil. The batter is spread with the base of a ladle or bowl to form a pancake. It is flipped to heat both crusts and removed from the griddle when the crust becomes dry. It is served hot.

70 MM dosa: similar to masala dosa, it is larger, about 60 cm in diameter

American chop sueydosa: served with a filling of fried noodles and tomato ketchup UppuHuli Dose (Kannada): This is originated in Karnataka and is a very popular breakfast dish in Mangalore and Udupi of Karnataka. It is made by adding Uppu (salt in Kannada) and Huli (the taste of tamarind in Kannada) to the batter. It requires no accompaniment of Chutney or Sambar.

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