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Religious fervour marks Acharya Day at Houston

Acharya Day is an annual event organized and coordinated by Sri Ahobila Muth USA. The event is held around the first weekend of September which is a Labor Day long weekend in USA. The main objective of the event is to express gratitude to Sri Vaishnava Acharya lineage starting with Sriman Narayana. In addition, the event also fosters building of Sri Vaishnava community and cultural skills in the next generation through cultural events, networking and volunteering.

This year the two day event was celebrated on September 4th and 5th at Houston, USA. In spite of the ongoing pandemic, participation in the events was very enthusiastic and significant. On top of a robust local participation, many participants had traveled from other cities including, Atlanta, Tampa, Charlotte, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, Dallas and Austin.

The event kicked off with a grand purappadu (procession) of Sri Ahobila Muth USA’s presiding deity Sri Navaneetha Krishnan (fondly known as Dolai Kannan) on Sesha Vaahanam on the morning of September 3rd. The purappadu saw goshtis from Rig, Yajur and Sama vedam as well as a robust arulicheyal goshti. Following this, cultural events of elementary and middle school children kept the audience engaged throughout the afternoon. On the evening of September 4th, Vedu Pari Utsavam ( was reenacted in front of a large audience.

Sunday events started with a purappadu on Garuda Vahanam accompanied by veda and arulicheyal goshtis. On Sunday afternoon, a kids quiz on sampradaya and an adults jeopardy quiz program provided many light hearted moments of fun for all ages and learning opportunities.

Sunday evening Rasa Leela was the grandest event of all. Dolai Kannan who was up until then far away on a stage was now in the middle of the dance hall surrounded by gopika figurines. Dandia music reverberated the hall and everybody spontaneously started dancing around Krishna. Kids as young as 3 years old and elders as old as 75 years were running around Krishna with dandia sticks in their hands. The event concluded with honoring of volunteers and aradhakars followed by a grand dinner.

True to His nickname “chita chora” (robber of the hearts) Dolai Kannan

robbed the hearts of many in Houston and left the next morning to Dallas in advance of the Adhyayana Utsavam (Dec 2021) in Dallas.

Recording of the event can be viewed on YouTube at “Sri Ahobila Muth” channel.

The organizers of the Acharya Day event would like to thank the venue, Sri Krishna Vrundavana, the sponsors, volunteers, devotees, vendors and all who made this grand event possible at Houston.

Mudumbai Sridhar Sampath Iyengar, USA

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