Paramparaa – The Tradition Continues…

Sita Kalyanam Upanyasam by Sri Padur Rangarajan

The Ramayana written by Valmiki has six Kandas. Among them, Bala Kanda details the Swayamvaram of King Janaka’s daughter Sita and Sri Sita Kalyana Vaibhavam. Lord Rama, by breaking the Shiva Dhanush, wins the heart of Sita and marries her in a grand event. It is said that by performing Sita Kalyanam event in temples and houses, people will be blessed and all their wants are fulfilled.

In our podcast, Sri Padur Rangarajan explains the significance of Sita Kalyanam. He elaborates on the Panigrahanam ritual by describing the meaning of the following sloka:

“Iyam sitaa mama suthaa saha dharma chareethava!

Pratheecha yenaam bhadramthe paani grinheesva paaninaa!!”

Let’s enjoy the celestial wedding.

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