Paramparaa – The Tradition Continues…

Sri Ahobila Matham,USA Thiru Adhyayana Utsavam

Nalayira Divya Prabandham (4000 Divya Prabandham) is a collection of poetic expressions of the twelve Sri Vaishnava Alwar’s of their experience of enjoying the presence of Sriman Narayana. This was lost over time but at the very beginning of Kali Yuga, Madura Kavi Alwar was blessed by  Nammalwar with the Divya Prabandham again . Since then, the Divya Prabandham has been taught in an unbroken lineage from a guru to sishyas and they are committed to the memory by the sishyas so they are never lost. This learning process is called “adhyayana”.

During Thirumangai Alwars period, chanting of Divya Prabandam at Srirangam in front of NamperumAl was revived as a grand utsavam again. Divya Prabandham scholars from all over would come to Srirangam for this event. Teaching of Divya Prabandham and chanting at other places except Srirangam Temple ceased during this period. This is called “anadhyayana kalam”. 

Starting on Sukla Paksha Prathama until Dasami, Divya Prabandha Pasurams of all the Alwars except Nammalwar’s pasurams are chanted at day time in front of Srirangam NamperumAl. This is called “Pagal Patthu”. Starting on  Krishna Paksha Ekadasi (Vaikunta Ekadasi), until Dasami, Swami Nammalwar’ s Prabandhams are chanted in front of NamperumAl in the evening.  This is called as “IrapPatthu”.  Today, this utsavam is conducted at many Sri Vaishnava temples similar to Srirangam. 

Sri Ahobila Matham USA will be conducting the 21st Thiru Adhyayana Utsavam from December 21st to December 31sts at Dallas, Texas. Registration and additional information for the event can found at the link

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