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The positives from temple visit

Why we are told not to step on the horizontal round stone at the entrance while entering a temple?

Regardless of any Hindu temple, a horizontal stone will be placed at the entrance of temple. This stone has a lot of meanings and reasons behind that many people today are not aware or even understand about the value. We are told by the elders not to step on the stone. But have you wonder the reason behind this practice?

The first thing we should do before entering a temple is wash our feet. After we wash our leg, hand and sprinkle a little water onto our head to cleanse off to open our magnetic entrance points of our body, we should stand in front of the Main Entrance, look at the Gopuram and Kalasam to pray and ask for permission from the Dhwarapalakas whom you can see at the left and right of the temple at entrance.

As we enter into the temple, we must cross over the horizontal stone and shall not step on the stone. As we cross over the stone, we should think in our mind that  “I am leaving all my negatives, worries and bad thoughts behind this point to get the Lord’s blessings and obtain the positive energy” and then step into the temple.

By doing so, it is believed that we will leave all our negatives and bad things outside the temple and go into the temple empty to get the positive vibrations and increase our positive energy.

If we step on the stone and go into the temple, it is believed that we carry everything together with us and we may not get the full benefits of worshipping in a temple.

A temple is a place full of positive energy and vibrations. Thousands of holy scripts and mantras are being recited at the temple daily by the priest. We can increase our positive energy and vibration by worshipping in temple for a greater living on this earth. Do visit temple more often to enjoy the positive vibe.

(Compiled by Sabita Muralidharan, Hyderabad)