Paramparaa – The Tradition Continues…

Thiruppavai In Tirupathi

During the auspicious month of Margazhi, Sri Kambarajapuram Seshadri Iyengar Swami initiated the religious practice of Thirupalliyezhchi and Thirupaavai Parayanam in the Sri Govindaraja Swami Sannidhi mada veedi. This important tradition of rendering these prabandams during the early hours of marghazhi month was continued by Sri U.Ve Ranganathan Swami and his sishyas for many years (until 30 years ago). This year, this honourable tradition has been restarted in the month of Marghazi.
The Goshti began at 5am sharp today on January 13th with the participation of ~15 bhagavatas under the leadership of Sri Chakravarti Ranganathan Swami. After the Sevakalam, Sattumurai was held at the Vedanta Desikar Sannidhi near the temple entrance.

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