Paramparaa – The Tradition Continues…

Tip:- Ajeerne Bhojanam Visham

An ancient health tip in Sanskrit states: “Ajeerne Bhojanam Visham”. This means that if the previously taken food is not digested, taking the next meal will be equivalent to taking poison. Hunger is one signal that the previous food is digested.

Mouth-watering Dosas

South India has many dishes which are liked all over the world. Dosa is one among them. Though dosa typically refers to the version made with rice and lentils, many other versions exist, often specific to an Indian region. Some variations include cheese dosa, which is stuffed with cheese. Quinoa dosa: A dosa made with […]

Tip :- Chew and stay healthy

A study has suggested that chewing food slowly will avoid overeating and in effect prevent weight gain. Though one cannot stop eating to lose weight, one can follow this small trick to stay fit. Our elders always suggested slow eating so that the stomach can function freely without strain. Swallowing food is always dangerous. So, […]